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Any limitation about trucks type/brand?

No. Common models such as semi-trailer, low-bed, trailer with side drop, container van and other transport vehicles can all be accepted by iCheetah.


If transporters are lacking in fuel, can iCheetah assist to charge?

Yes. iCheetah has signed agreements with Lake Oil, Mont Meru and other mainstream fuel companies. All fleets that enter the platform can apply for refueling at designated stations, enjoy favorable prices and refueling services covering all major routes under the agreement. And fleet will be given payment plan, helping relieving the financial pressure.


If transporters need spare parts, can iCheetah provide?

Yes. iCheetah has perfect truck sales and service network in Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia. If fleets have tire, spare parts or truck purchase demand, iCheetah will provide them with the best truck, tire, spare parts sales and financial support.


If trucks get broken down on journey, can iCheetah assist to repair?

Yes. Truck services of iCheetah cover Mozambique/Zambia/Tanzania/Nigeria/Indonesia, and is also extending to neighboring countries. iCheetah can provide services for trucks run on the platform when needed.

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