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About TIM International

Aug. 21, 2020

TIM International Group aims to provide smart logistics and intelligent commercial vehicle services for countries along the Belt and Road. Relying on China's high-end equipment industry, it provides cross-border supply chain solutions to customers by using internet.

TIM International Drive into Future Together

Innovative Business Model

Cross-border supply chain services for commercial vehicles: TIM International builds or leases bonded warehouses in many overseas locations, and provides one-stop procurement, international settlement and other trade services from Chinese automakers, spare parts factories and tire factories to overseas bonded warehouses. Overseas customers can purchase products offline or online, and directly pick up the goods from the overseas bonded warehouses of TIM International.

Auto finance combined with overseas logistics scenarios:

Overseas fleets only need to pay a certain percentage of advance payment, and the balance of installment payments will be deducted from the transportation payment obtained from the subcontracted transportation business of TIM International 's internal logistics companies (iCheetah).

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