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Should transporters change GPS device to connect with iCheetah systems?

Yes. iCheetah installs special GPS devices for fleet on the platform.


Does iCheetah provide goods in transit (GIT) insurance?

Yes. iCheetah can provide more favorable GIT and other related insurance products for fleet on the platform.


How iCheetah solve delays in key logistic nodes, such as loading point, border and unloading point?

iCheetah sets alarms for common delay nodes in transportation, and push notifications when exceeding time limit to both fleet and cargo owner, helps improving the information transparency during transportation process and promote quick response and solution to the delay.


If transporters want cargos for second trip or keep delivering cargos from iCheetah all the time, what will iCheetah arrange?

iCheetah has cargo resources covering Tanzania, Zambia, Congo DRC, Mozambique, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda and other countries. If the fleet needs cargo, iCheetah can arrange cargo for trucks in advance, so as to reduce trucks waiting time and elevate transportation efficiency.

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