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How to follow up delivery of my cargos?

Cargo can be tracked by GPS at all times by iCheetah system and APP. The system and APP can also push notifications and alarms at key logistic nodes, so that cargo owner can keep track of the cargo at any time.


If my cargo get damage or loss on journey, how can I get compensation?

iCheetah demands that all the fleet that operate in the system shall have GIT insurance. In case of loss of goods or damage, iCheetah will coordinate with relevant parties to settle. If cargo owner needs to involve additional insurance, iCheetah can provide insurance solutions.


If I am freight forwarder, what can iCheetah do for us?

Freight forwarder can act as cargo owner in iCheetah platform, looking for efficient fleet with agreeable price to guarantee safe transport and control transportation cost. It is the best choice to control costs and reduce risks for freight forwarders that undertake transportation task but do not have trucks.

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