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What is iCheetah?

iCheetah is a logistics platform, taking root in Africa, bridging cargo owners and fleet, integrating fleet management and online intelligent transactions. With state of art artificial intelligence, neural network technology, Intelligent routing algorithm, and offline transit warehouse, iCheetah can realize fleet and cargo intelligent matching and substantially promote transportation efficiency.


What conveniences can be provided for the cargo owner?

1. Cargo Safety

a. One click real-time tracking of cargo, simple and convenient.

b. Makes you feel assured with goods in transit insurance.

c. Preliminary screening helps you locate fleet with proper qualification and documentation.

2. Easily Locating Fleet

a. Online finding trucks, fingertips away.

b. Choosing trucks suitable for your cargo quantity and time requirements.

3. Competitive Price

a. Lowering transportation cost by matching your cargo with backhaul trucks of competitive prices and quality services.

4. Quick Settlement

a. Online generated statement of account, makes it easier for you to learn the transportation cost instead of manual statistical work. 


What conveniences can be provided for the transportation corporation?

1. One click cargo matching, easy to use.

a. Assigning you with transportation of best route, increasing income and reducing the chances of empty load.

b. Online receiving orders and settlement. Convenient and reliable.

c. Verified cargo owners to ensure authenticity of cargo.

2. Cooperating with filling stations on main routes, helping you sourcing fuel with better prices and payment terms.

3. Intelligent GPS Tracking

a. Real-time location and route replay helps you to monitor both truck and cargo.

b. Truck abnormal status alert.

c. Push notification of cargo and truck at core logistics nodes.

4. Auxiliary Fleet Management

a. Online management of cost and income for fleet. Inquire at any time.

b. Online automatic realization of fuel consumption analysis, operation analysis per truck, income cost analysis per trip, and monthly income cost analysis for fleet. Making the operation of fleet to be clear at a glance.

5. Truck Service stations in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania help you in time when breakdown.


What's the coverage area of iCheetah?

iCheetah has offices in South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, which are equipped with excellent operation teams. Main routes that we offer online cover are Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo DRC, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and other south east Africa area.

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